Introducing Affiniti™ Mobile Solutions

Mobile is the new platform.  2017 mobile traffic will have expanded 13 times in just a five year period. Pinnacle’s Affiniti™ Mobile Solutions include a consumer app to drive loyalty and extend your reach, as well as a corporate app to enable you to take your back office business intelligence on the road.

Pinnacle Affiniti™ Consumer Mobile Product Sheet

The Affiniti™ Mobile Consumer App provides an opportunity for retailers to more easily gather and share information with potential consumers.  Mobile apps have rapidly become the preferred way to simplify communication between you and your consumer, and when your customers carry your company with them wherever they go, you have the ability to push and pull information in real time.  Consumers that download your mobile app start delivering information to you that you didn’t have the moment they open the app for the first time.  These consumers have now become identifiable and their activity is measurable and meaningful.