Professional Services

Professional Services is the consulting arm of Pinnacle. Our consultants are experts in the convenience store industry, the fuel industry, and in the software platforms we support. Our goal is not only to implement software, but to partner with our clients to better understand their business needs.


  • Provide product and system integration knowledge
  • Customize implementation plans
  • Provide ongoing guidance and recommendations
  • Advise client project manager/team
  • Ensure quality implementation
  • Provide business consulting

Who do we serve? 

  • Pinnacle Clients – we provide companies that purchase Pinnacle software with the related implementation/consulting services required; for new or existing clients.
  • Pinnacle Product Managers – we work to ensure client feedback makes its way from the field to the development group for consideration and product enhancement.


  • Retail Integration Solutions
    • Point of sale
    • Loyalty
    • Mobile Applications
    • Asset Control
    • Foodservice ordering kiosk
    • Foodservice inventory control
    • Foodservice Kitchen Display
    • Store information
  • Best Practices Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Continuity of Operation Analysis
  • Network Assessment Services