Affiniti Cloud POS

Pinnacle has been providing point of sale technology solutions to convenience and petroleum marketers since the mid90’s. And as technology capabilities have evolved to adapt to the everchanging mobile landscape, so have our products.

Our Affiniti Cloud Platform Solutions have proven to be invaluable resources for our clients who have implemented shopper engagement strategies as well as consumerenabled foodservice kiosk and mobile ordering applications.

Introducing Affiniti Cloud POS


Affiniti Cloud POS joins our other Affiniti Cloud Platform Solutions for Mobile Ordering and Payment, Mobile Loyalty, Offers and Coupons, and browser-based Kiosk Ordering and Kitchen Video Displays.

Here’s why our Affiniti Cloud POS is the right choice for your next generation point of sale:

It’s faster for your cashiers. Unlike “cloud” solutions that simply virtualize the same heap of hardware and software that used to run in your store, Affiniti Cloud POS was designed to be a true cloud application from the ground up.

Instead of one monolith software package, Affiniti Cloud POS works in concert with our other Affiniti Cloud Platform Solutions. All organized into distributed apps and shared micro-services that run in parallel across a shared pool of servers, network, and storage.

This adds up to increased performance for your cashiers over traditional POS design.

Your run cost is lower: Got a Chrome browser? You’re all set. Because it’s browser-based, Affiniti Cloud POS runs on low-cost hardware like tablets or smaller terminals.

We can extend it to fit your changing needs: It’s harder and costlier to extend traditional POS applications to work with other merchant solutions.

Affiniti Cloud POS extends your capability to integrate with other merchant solutions through web-standard APIs. Your investment can be readily adapted to meet rapidly changing consumer expectations at points of purchase such as mobile, selfcheckout, kiosk and traditional front counter.

One-stop to help you meet your consumers’ needs: Affiniti Cloud Platform Solutions include instore food ordering kiosk, frictionless self-checkout, instore food prep, and mobile food ordering. Applications that are fully integrated, with a shared product catalog and underlying micro-services architecture, ready to scale and extend to help you meet your consumers’ needs today…and tomorrow.


Affiniti Cloud POS is now available for early adopters. Contact Us now for more information and to claim your spot in our early rollout program.