Standard Payment Systems

Security Standard Council Validated Payment Systems List

The SSC now maintains an approved list of validated Payment Application systems, which includes POS systems. All products and versions listed here have been successfully audited by an authorized QSA and were found to be in compliance with PCI regulations. The listed products must be reviewed annually to maintain this approved status. Pinnacle Palm is named on this list.

The card brands (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, JCB) may continue to publish their own approved lists however their compliance programs, such as Visa’s PABP, have been superseded by the SSC’s PA-DSS audit programs. The SSC list is the official list of record and is now the only reliable reference to determine if a POS system is PCI validated and compliant.

There is no public list of non-compliant systems. Contact your acquiring bank or processor for a list of “known vulnerable” POS systems.