handshakeThe Pinnacle Corporation is inclusive of an extensive network of partner alliances and the products and services they deliver, with our goal to provide the strongest and smartest key contributors to the retail convenience and petroleum marketing industries.

We constantly evaluate existing and new partnerships to align ourselves with companies that have good synergy with our own automation software solutions, and share our core business values, including: ethical business relationships, professional staffing, quality work environment, strong client relationships, industry commitment, and innovative development.


Each of Pinnacle’s partnerships is customized with the specific goals and opportunities of each party in mind. Some of the components commonly secured through a Pinnacle business relationship agreement include:

  • Software developers kit
  • Access to Pinnacle software and early release software updates
  • Discounted lab equipment
  • Access to Pinnacle’s lab and testing facilities
  • Testing and certification programs
  • User and technical training
  • Technical documentation
  • Joint marketing programs
  • Inclusion in sales collateral
  • Custom software integration projects
  • Participation in Pinnacle client and marketing events.


Pinnacle Partners and Association Information


Please contact us directly if you are a technology solutions provider in our industry and are interested in more information about becoming a Pinnacle partner.