ASC Program Partners

CTE - Center for Testing and Engineering

Center for Testing & Engineering Company was started in September of 2006 to fill a need for quality petroleum equipment testing and services in the GA State area. From our modest beginning as a small service company, we are growing and our goal is customer satisfaction and best service with the best prices in the market with over 10 employees. We are committed to providing only the highest quality test, installing and services available. Our industry has become increasingly more technically oriented and complex over the years, and we have continually strive to stay on the top of all the latest innovations and technologies to support our customers needs and expectations. We are a petroleum equipment testing company offering Testing, Training, Installing, and support services for Georgia.We believe that knowledge and experience will prevents poor performance and save you time and money, and that you will not find a better team anywhere. Our experience and great knowledge in Federal and GA state regulation is now in the service of all of our customer to help them to be in compliance preventing any unnecessary money lost.    

Don's Maintenance Service

Don’s Maintenance Service Inc. is a family owned business with over 150 years of combined experience in the Petroleum Industry. Formed in 1976 and incorporated in 1986 by Don Fagerberg and sons Bill and Mike, and daughters Jeannie and Wendy. We are still a small family business, now three generations with Brandon Fagerberg joining the business in 2013. We offer complete AST and UST site installation services as well as dispenser, AGT and POS service and repair. 


Petroleum Equipment Installation/Construction/Upgrades Industrial LED Lighting… Carwash Equipment Sales and Service!  


Hoidale is a family owned business, founded in Wichita in 1946 to sell fuel storage tanks and pumping units.  Now, 4 generations later, Hoidale sells & services petroleum, industrial and lubrication equipment.  We will continue to expand our product base to better serve our customers, as newer technology evolves.  Call any of our branches (Wichita, Garden City, Chanute, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa) for service 24/7.    

Minnesota Petroleum Services

Proudly Servicing All Your Petroleum Equipment Needs.

Minnesota Petroleum offers our customers only quality service.

Our goal is to understand your needs and deliver to your satisfaction.



Petroleum Equipment Services

Petroleum Equipment Service is your full service fuel systems partner, supporting companies that provide fuel at retail and commercial locations. Whether you manage one station or 500, are looking to build out a new one or need service for existing equipment, you can rely on our proactive, no excuses, personalized and responsive approach every time.  

Petroleum Support Services

Petroleum Support Services is a family owned and operated business located in Conway, Arkansas. Founded in 2009 by Nathan and Sarah Huggins, our business is based on family values of honesty, integrity, and hard work ethic. Nathan Huggins (owner and service technician) has over 19 years in the petroleum services industry, and Sarah Huggins (owner and operating manager) has over 15 years in the financial software industry.    

Using innovation and forward thinking, Westmor Industries has grown to become one of North America’s most comprehensive suppliers and manufacturers of energy storage, transportation, and dispensing equipment– from Pipeline to Pump.