Inside Drew’s Perspective: A Letter from the President

DrewDear Readers,

Summer in full swing brings driving season and the busiest time of year for your business.  The timing of positive retail fuel margin trends during the past 4 weeks is helpful to the bottom line, but those inside margins are equally as important during a time when family full vehicles are stocking up on snacks along their trips.  We turn our attention this month towards optimizing snacks, beverages and fuel inventories and margins.

Be on the lookout for our weekly blog.  Learn about ways to increase profits with mix n’ match programs and customer loyalty incentives, and optimize the snack category with item level inventory management and computer assisted ordering.  Discover new ways to improve labor efficiencies, while limiting shrink with real time inventory data.

Coming your way next month will be our next issue of The Perspective, Pinnacle’s comprehensive publication filled with the latest Pinnacle updates and industry news.  In that issue will be a focus towards the challenges and opportunities with tobacco inventories, and ways Pinnacle clients have adapted to tight profit margins in this category to maintain and improve the bottom line.

If your company hasn’t registered for Pinnacle Summit 2016 yet, be sure to follow the links within.  Have a great July!

Drew Mize
Pinnacle Corp, President