Stop fuel theft today and remain convenient with Pinnacle’s LoyalPass®! Everyone knows that fuel theft increases are consistent with the rise in fuel costs, and there’s nothing worse than losing revenue at your forecourt with today’s tight fuel margins.  You can stop fuel theft today with LoyalPass, specifically designed to address fuel drive-offs.  Eliminate hot pumps but ensure your registered customers still have the ability to authorize a pre-pay pump for post payment.

Prevent Drive-Off Fuel Theft

LoyalPass® post-pay pump authorization solution stops lost revenue at the forecourt. Pinnacle’s LoyalPass solution specifically addresses the problem of customer drive-offs from not pre-paying for fuel at the dispenser. This anti-theft solution works by authorizing fuel customers to dispense fuel before going into the store to pay, gives retailers complete control over fuel theft while providing a superior fueling experience for customers. Customers with an active LoyalPass card can authorize a pump for post-payment, restoring the convenience of not having to go into the store multiple times. Those that do not post-pay for fuel will automatically have their LoyalPass card disabled from future use. In most cases, it is tied to the customer’s driver’s license, which allows retailers to recover any lost funds.

Another alternative to pre-pay

  • Pre-pay is not always a convenient option for the fuel customer
  • LoyalPass allows customers to authorize the pump for fueling prior to coming into the store to pay

Easy Registration

  • Customers need only present their driver’s license or other identifying information to the cashier one time for immediate sign-up

Simple to use at the Pump

  • Pump dispenser displays simple step-by-step instructions for the customer

Effortless initialization

  • With a few simple card swipes, the LoyalPass card is initialized in the store by the cashier at the point-of-sale
  • Once the card is activated, it can be used to authorize a fuel pump at any store in the chain.

Immediate Deactivation

  • If a drive-off should occur, the LoyalPass card disables instantly and transaction information is sent to the host for follow-up


  • Works with Pinnacle’s Loyalink®, a customer rewards solution or LoyalPay®, a pre-paid / stored value card solution
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • IP-based, running across a broadband network and with a centralized host server
  • “Software as a Service” capable application
  • Fully integrated to Pinnacle’s Palm POS™