KA Management Takes Control of their Fuel Inventories with Pinnacle’s Fuel Smart Platform

San Diego, California – KA Management is utilizing Pinnacle Corporation’s technology to manage fuel inventories with Pinnacle’s Fuel Smart® Platform.

KA Management started managing fuel inventory to support their real estate business. In order to meet the fuel demands of sites they owned, they needed not only to automate, but to optimize and manage by exception. It was also important that their fuel system operate effectively and independently, sending alerts and information to management working remotely.

“I travel quite a bit, and it’s a comfort for me to able to manage fuel from another country, especially knowing I can handle 99% of any issues that come up,” says Bryan Jones, head of IT and Business Software, just before heading to Europe.

About Pinnacle:
Pinnacle Corporation is a leader in the automation technology industry focusing on the rapidly evolving convenience store and petroleum industries. Pinnacle delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of convenience store operations and supply chain management of fuel operations. Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to automate and improve their store operations and by fuel marketers to increase their efficiency in the complex management of fuel delivery.