Pinnacle Celebrates 30 Years Serving the Convenience Industry

Arlington, Texas, January 9, 2020 – Today, the Pinnacle Corporation ( celebrates 30 years of technology innovation serving the convenience and petroleum industry! Pinnacle got its start in January 1990 by launching the Oasis Back Office product line to automate the store manager’s daily paperwork processes, and then in 1995 introduced the first
touchscreen Point of Sale System to the convenience and petroleum market.

Many things have changed since then – products, services, technologies, security standards, and much more – but one constant is Pinnacle’s dedication to the development of industry leading technology through collaboration with clients and partners to provide automation solutions that help retailers stay ahead of their competition.

Says Bob Johnson, President and CEO: “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we want toacknowledge that we absolutely would not be here today without the support of our families, our staff, our clients, our business partners, and all of our industry colleagues. Thank you all for your
support of Pinnacle and our business strategies over these past 30 years. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 bring!”

Top 5 things you may not know about Pinnacle in 2020

1. Pinnacle is a privately held company 100% focused on the convenience market.
2. Pinnacle’s products include Point of Sale Software, Loyalty and Shopper Engagement Solutions, QSR and Foodservice Technology Products, and the Affiniti Cloud Platform Suite which not only includes solutions you can deploy to engage with your customers and grow your business, but also a shared platform that your IT teams can use to build and rapidly deploy your POS and Customer Engagement solutions.
3. Pinnacle is not a PDI company. Our friends at PDI know we say this somewhat tongue and cheek, but there are a surprising number of c-store folks who think we sold the company in 2017. We did not. We’re still here!
4. Pinnacle has hosted an annual client conference, thanks to the participation by our many sponsor partners, for 30 years; attended by clients, partners, and industry experts.
5. Pinnacle’s business strategy from the early 1990s has been to serve our clients well by never forcing them to rebuy software solutions they have already purchased from us. That means we continue to have Palm POS customers using the same product they purchased from us in 1995 that has remained current, fresh and modern.

Says Melissa Fox Hadley, VP Marketing & Innovation: “We don’t know what the next 30 years will hold, and suspect many of you don’t know either – technology is moving faster than ever these days! But, as we continue to add staff, add new customers, add partners, invest in technology and development of our core product lines, attend tradeshows, invest in industry associations, and all of the things we think it takes to make a company great – we’re excited for the possibilities!”

Says Peter Steele, VP Research & Development: “Since the introduction of IoT, Cloud and Mobile, the technology landscape has evolved more rapidly than ever before. We’re excited to introduce our Affiniti Cloud product line and shared platform into the convenience market. Affiniti provides capabilities for retailers of all sizes, whether using products we’ve built with 30 years of industry experience or jump-starting building their own solutions on the platform.”

About The Pinnacle Corporation

The Pinnacle Corporation provides leading-edge point of sale, shopper engagement, and QSR/Foodservice technology solutions to the rapidly evolving convenience store industry.

Nationwide, Pinnacle’s POS, Loyalty Rewards, Food Ordering Kiosk with Kitchen Display System, Retailer Branded Mobile App, and Mobile Ordering products and services are used daily in convenience outlets to improve their store operations and extend the brand of retailers through the ever increasing mobile landscape.