Pinnacle Launches SkimDefend™ Multi-Site Mobile App

Arlington, Texas – January 30, 2017:  The Pinnacle Corporation (Pinnacle), announces the launch of the SkimDefend™ Multi-Site Mobile App for use by convenience store retailers in the prevention of tampering, fraud and theft. SkimDefend is the result of a previous collaboration between Pinnacle and NACS to assist retailers in safeguarding consumer transaction data, with Multi-Site as the next stage in fraud protection.

One of the simplest ways to prevent fraudulent tampering at the pump is by placing a NACS WeCare decal across the span between the terminal body and the access doors. The stickers show a VOID message if someone tampers with the placement. However, for the decals to work most effectively, employees need to check on them regularly and keep detailed records of each visual inspection. The new SkimDefend app (powered by the Pinnacle Corporation) aims to enhance the WeCare process by making it easier and more streamlined. As featured in NACS Magazine, May 2016.

Built on the Affiniti Mobile secure, cloud platform, the SkimDefend Multi-Site Mobile App is the first Affiniti Corporate Mobile module. Born from the single-site SkimDefend app, the SkimDefend Multi-Site app is an enhanced version of our single store tamper reporting tool- now for retailers with multiple stores and added reporting abilities to safeguard your customers and your business against fraud.

Skimming and theft are real problems and companies need to not only detract thieves but monitor when a potential problem has occurred. With registered security labels and the SkimDefend App, stores can provide routine visual evidence and online reporting to catch damaged or compromised labels and halt skimming and fraud immediately. SkimDefend works for multiple asset-management; any security label can be scanned and tracked for integrity, be it on pumps or cash-registers and more.

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Pinnacle continues its decades-long commitment to the convenience store industry now and into the future with innovation and thought leadership. Pinnacle Point of Sale, Loyalty and Mobile solutions give retailers the decided edge over competition- driving traffic, driving sales and driving profits.

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