Problem: Higher fuel prices mean that even the slightest errors in fuel invoice reconciliation can drive your costs up substantially, putting even more pressure on already razor thin margins.


Improve your fuel margins.

Pinnacle’s Palm POS has valuable features that can help retail chains improve their margin. Palm’s cash/credit pricing option can influence more people to tender with cash rather than cards with expensive interchange rates. Palm also supports cash acceptors at the dispenser so you can accept cash for pay-at-the pump transactions. Finally, with Real Time Clearing (RTC) functionality, transactions will be processed almost immediately instead of at the end of the day, and can qualify retailers for better interchange rates.

Pinnacle’s award winning Palm POS™ is the fastest, most robust touch screen point-of-sale in the market! Designed and developed specifically for the convenience petroleum industry, Palm’s touch screen interface and modular flexibility will ensure your operations are smooth and consumers get the service they demand.

Is your point-of-sale PCI compliant?  Pinnacle’s Palm POS is!

“The Palm data has affected everybody, increased customer happiness, we leverage the data that we get from the dispensers to know when they need service, when they’re out of service, when they’re out of receipt paper and that kind of thing, and that’s just something that we simply were unable to do prior to implementing Pinnacle Palm.” – Jeremie Myhren, Senior Director of IT, Road Ranger


Reconcile fuel invoices automatically.
Pinnacle’s Fuel Smart reconciles invoices automatically. A very small error can drive your fuel costs up substantially. Fuel Smart processes accurate invoices for payment immediately, and presents erroneous invoices for examination and correction by your supplier.

Fuel Smart® was specifically created for petroleum retailers and wholesalers looking for a system that doesn’t require compromise. Using up-to-the-minute data captured electronically from various sources, Fuel Smart boosts profits by knowing how to help you capitalize on your opportunities. Buy, sell, inventory, and account for fuel in a smarter and easier way with Fuel Smart.

“In the current environment, the ability to tightly control both credit policies and accounts receivable is paramount to being successful. Based on what I’ve seen, Fuel Smart is the best in the industry in these two key areas.”  – Keith Patterson, CEO and President of Clay Oil