Problem: Higher fuel prices mean your fuel inventory costs may be higher than you think. Nationwide the average cost of a transport load of gasoline is over $30,000.00. Now more than ever, it’s critical to know what adjustments should be made to fuel inventory levels.


Capture Bills of Lading (BOLs) in real time and deliver that information to your home office.

Only with bill of lading information can you accurately calculate the cost of your existing inventory. Pinnacle’s Andalé can bring bill of lading, split drop, and splash-blend information back to the home office in real time for you to make informed pricing decisions and process invoices immediately.

“Andalé has given us a quicker response time in evaluating our inventory, giving the ability to know our in ground cost of inventory on a daily basis. It has also reduced labor cost with the efficiencies gained from more accurate bill of lading information. Andalé is a great enhancement to Pinnacle’s Fuel Smart® solution. We have been impressed with the ease of implementation and how quickly our drivers have learned to use this application.”- Debbie Butler, Business Administrator, Fuel South, Inc.

Reduce your excess fuel inventories and maintain an economical “Just in Time” fuel inventory program.

More than ever with today’s fuel prices, petroleum marketers are looking for a “Just in Time” for fuel inventory solution. Pinnacle has the solution that will accurately provide a “Just in Time’ for fuel inventory management program.

Pinnacle’s Dispatcher Workstation™ displays real-time fuel inventory information in an easy to ready format allowing you to quickly discern your current inventory status. With a simple glance, dispatchers or fuel buyers that are responsible for replenishment, load scheduling and delivery, and tracking fuel at multiple locations can benefit by determining which locations require prompt attention.

Pinnacle’s Smart Buy™ solution streamlines the sales receipts and order processes by automating timing and requirements for fuel orders, optimization of inventory levels, determination of where to purchase fuel, transport selection, and carrier and/or driver instruction requirements. With the ability to capture so much of this data electronically, reduced maintenance is required from your staff.

“Since we’ve implemented Smart Buy, it has allowed us to reduce our average inventory turn for all products from 3.8 to 3.2 days (16%), and of no-lead [fuel] specifically from 3.3 to 2.7 days (18%). The ability to turn your inventory eleven to twelve times in a 30 day period helps you to get through the volatility of price spikes because we’re selling and adjusting retails as quickly as the prices are spiking.”  – Bob Carpentier, Fuel Director, Beacon & Bridge Markets


Utilize exception management to determine what fuel pricing adjustments should be made.

With Pinnacle’s Auditor Exception Management feature, you will get immediate feedback on tank levels, delivery costs, and sales data to determine what adjustments need to be made to fuel pricing and when to deliver more fuel.

Pinnacle’s Auditor™ leverages the power of the web to provide consistency of the user interface across all modules. Immediate feedback is provided to the auditing crew so they are aware of exceptions, which can be customized to validate data related to sales and cash accountability, fuel inventory categories, and merchandise inventories. Take your home office to a level of speed, effectiveness and efficiency that truly impacts profitability.