Scan Based Trading: A Distinct Competitive Advantage

In an industry where competition is fierce and margins are slim, you need a sustainable competitive advantage.

Pinnacle’s Scan Based Trading application eliminates supply chain inefficiencies and helps retailers and suppliers get products to the store shelves quickly and profitably, providing retail trading partners with a distinct competitive advantage.

With Scan Based Trading through Pinnacle’s Symphony.enterprise performance management, retailers have seen substantial gains in operational efficiencies. The idea is simple: Rather than paying for products from suppliers as they are brought into your store, the supplier retains ownership of the products on the shelf until they are sold. When items are sold, the scanned information is sent automatically from the retailer to the supplier. The scanned sales information is then used to generate payment for those items from the retailer to supplier.

  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Reduce Invoice/Order Processing Costs
  • Gain Daily Insight into Product Movement
  • Reduce Out-of-Stocks
  • Ensure Accurate Inventory Replenishment

Visit the Symphony.epm™ page on the Pinnacle website to calculate the benefits of converting a portion of your merchandise vendors away from traditional invoicing procedures to a solution where you pay for what you sell based on scan sales data using Pinnacle’s Symphony.epm™.


By: Todd Roberge, Price Book Manager, WilcoHess, LLC