Security – PABP and Its Impact on the C-Store Industry

Every petroleum convenience retailer in the US is impacted by cardholder security changes being driven by Visa. You will comply with these new provisions or face the risk of hefty fines and penalties associated with a point of sale data breach; or worse, Visa may stop taking your card transactions.This educational webinar focuses on Visa’s PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) and the relationship between Payment Applications, Merchants and Service Providers. It outlines a general overview of PABP requirements and how to know if your POS system complies, and discusses deadlines and impacts by merchant tier. Find out what the deadlines are and how they may impact you.

In addition, this Webinar will help you to gain a better understanding on how Visa’s PABP changes fit into your overall PCI strategy. Interested in learning more about this Webinar or want to receive a copy of the recorded audio and video?