Security – PABP and Its Impact on the C-Store Industry

Every petroleum convenience retailer in the US is impacted by cardholder security changes being driven by Visa. You will comply with these new provisions or face the risk of hefty fines and penalties associated with a point of sale data breach; or worse, Visa may stop taking your card transactions.This educational webinar focuses on Visa’s PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) and the relationship between Payment Applications, Merchants and Service Providers. It outlines a general overview of PABP requirements and how to know if your POS system complies, and discusses deadlines and impacts by merchant tier. Find out what the deadlines are and how they may impact you.

In addition, this Webinar will help you to gain a better understanding on how Visa’s PABP changes fit into your overall PCI strategy. Interested in learning more about this Webinar or want to receive a copy of the recorded audio and video?

Get Rid of your Back Office! – The Benefits of a Browser-Based Enterprise Solution

As costs increase and margins fall, it is critical to an organization’s success to be able to streamline systems to take advantage of current technologies. Replacing legacy systems and bulky hardware footprints with web-based thin-client systems greatly impacts your bottom line by reducing the dollar investment in hardware and the manpower necessary to maintain those systems.This educational Webinar will review the challenges of maintaining disparate systems and the costs associated with multiple hardware and software platforms. It will focus on the strengths of browser-based retail enterprise systems, providing you with the detailed information you need to make informed decisions.

If you are interested in learning the benefits and cost savings that result from implementing a browser-based solution, this Webinar is for you. You will gain a better understanding of how an enterprise web-based system can really save you time and money.

Fighting Credit Card Fees with Alternate Methods of Payment

It’s time to get real! Sky high fuel prices result in sky high credit card interchange fees. Credit Card fees are so high that every gallon of gas costs retailers 10¢ in fees. Ten Cents a Gallon!Alternative, non-cash payment methods really aren’t an “Alternative”; they’re a must for retailers who want to save their bottom line. Find out what you need to know about alternative payment options and how they can work best for your business.

This webinar will shed light on the non-cash payment options that can help you move shoppers to cheaper forms of payment. You’ll hear about the acceptance rate of payment alternatives such as ACH, Stored Value, Loyalty Rewards, PIN Credit and Online Payment alternatives. You’ll also learn about emerging technologies that you should be watching for.

Achieving PCI Compliance with Application Whitelisting

PCI Compliance validation is required of all merchants and service providers. Failure to achieve PCI Compliance could result in crushing monthly financial penalties as high as $25,000.The penalty for a compromise can be as high as $500,000 per incident. Pinnacle leverages Bit9’s security features to build PCI compliance into Palm POS™. Discover how Pinnacle and Bit9 can help you protect your POS hardware and software.

This webinar will show you how Pinnacle and Bit9 can help you protect your POS hardware and software.


Achieving Efficiency with a Host Based Retail Management Solution

Speed and timeliness of data is key. Waiting days for store information to be audited and available for reporting is an impediment to a successful organization. An enterprise-centric solution removes the lag time out of this process and moves the auditing staff a major step forward in diagnosing and correcting problems while they still matter.

This case study will review the successes realized by two convenience store retailers who implemented Symphony, auditor – a centralized retail accounting management solution. Join us as they share their views on moving from legacy fat-client systems to a browser-based solution to streamline the process of managing store data. Learn the advantages of gaining central control of data for easier, faster setup and configuration as well as training. Understand the benefits of auditing store data utilizing exception management tools to quickly review data and correct problems so that accurate reporting can be accessed by all stakeholders.

Restoring Customer Loyalty at the Pump Eliminate Fuel Theft

Fuel theft increases as fuel prices increase, minimal profits turn into large losses and, as retailers elect to require prepay, the good customer gets another convenience taken away.With the recent experience of rapidly rising prices with an extremely high top and extremely narrow margin, many fuel retailers have moved to requiring prepay in response to the fuel theft losses but this move can result in a different kind of loss, the lost sale. The inconvenience of prepay drives some customers away while those who remain spend less inside because of the inconvenient two-trip transaction.

This presentation will explain how LoyalPass™ pump authorization technology works to secure your fuel, save you money and engender consumer loyalty. We’ll also discuss the benefits of the multiuse functionality unique to the Pinnacle Loyalty Solutions and Palm POS combination.

Pinnacle’s EPM Business Intelligence – Make Today’s Decisions with Today’s Data

With a wealth of business intelligence information delivered through its user-friendly desktop portals, dashboards, and customizable reports and views, EPM can make a direct and positive impact on everyone involved in operating a successful convenience store chain.This online session will accompany a 4Q 2009 promotional offer available to our clients that are considering this high-value, business energizing offering. We will also review the promotion savings program, client experiences, implementation steps, and education requirements.

PCI-DSS Vendor Safe: PCI in Plain English

Retailers can benefit from Vendor Safe’s secure VPN solution. Their VPN capabilities can provide secure remote access to multi-site operators for real time reporting and other enterprise applications – all for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.   VendorSafe’s solution is IT-friendly, allows rapid installation, and requires no IP changes to LAN or WAN. No onsite technician is required! Pinnacle clients can also take advantage of Vendor Safe’s TrustVault™ Certificate” that provides the assurance of financial protection against a data breach.Join us and learn how Vendor Safe addresses the daunting task of PCI-DSS compliance quickly, simply and cost effectively. Learn how to create your own 30-day project plan and timeline to PCI compliance, including securing your POS environment and putting in place policies and procedures for card handling employees.

The Mobile Option – A Revolution in Business Intelligence

Today’s data is already available but you need your notebook or desktop to have full access to your “anywhere, anytime” browser based solution.It’s time to look at mobile devices and how the mobile internet can change your business.With the revolution of mobile applications, you can have full access to dashboards, alerts and your traditional grids and graphs. It’s all right there, in the palm of your hand.Mobile Business Intelligence is portable, graphical and interactive. This kind of efficiency will make “real-time” mean something.

  • Give Loss Prevention initiatives real immediacy.
  • Provide Store Operations a tool that delivers information while they travel from site to site.
  • Get up to the minute sales reports while you’re walking through the store.

Navigating the Road to PCI Compliance

High transaction volumes and multiple access points make convenience stores particularly vulnerable to credit card fraud. A credit card breach at an unprotected site could potentially put these stores out of business due to fees and penalties.Omega offers easy-to-use solutions designed to help you achieve PCI compliance without compromising your day-to-day operations. Our program can be customized to match your unique business needs, and even allows you to choose between a hosted and installed solution – which no other compliance partner offers! OmegaSecure is a fully integrated system, serving as a single pane of glass for all aspects of security, compliance, remediation, logging, reporting and continuous monitoring. The system has been reviewed by security experts and Qualified Security Assessors for compliance.

Join us and learn how Omega ATC can help address the daunting task of maintaining PCIcompliance not only in your POS environment but throughout your whole organization.