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Developed for NACS, SkimDefend fights skimming at your pumps and other devices protecting you and your customers from credit card skimmers.  SkimDefend is free, skimming isn’t!  Can you afford to not protect your dispenser card readers?

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Protect yourself and your customers against skimming fraud!

SkimDefend Mobile App

“One of the simplest ways to prevent fraudulent tampering at the pump is by placing a NACS WeCare decal across the span between the terminal body and the access doors.

The stickers show a VOID message if someone tampers with the placement. However, for the decals to work most effectively, employees need to check on them regularly and keep detailed records of each visual inspection.

The new SkimDefend™ App (powered by the Pinnacle Corporation) aims to enhance the WeCare process by making it easier and more streamlined.”           – As featured in “Secure Your Pump,” NACS Magazine,  May 2016

Click here to order Official NACS WeCare labels online,
and read more about SkimDefend and the NACS WeCare program.

From NACS Industry Update Luncheons 2017:

  • Data security and fraud risks are growing, and growing quickly.
  • Fraud risks may increase due to migration to weak links (non-EMV compliant sites)
  • Convenience stores are the biggest target for skimming, with specific regional targeting of vulnerable retailers prevalent.
  • Tamper-evident decals and Mobile apps (such as SkimDefend) address exposure to skimming (and reduce the risk of fraud).

Additional Quotes from NACS Online:

  • “Honolulu prosecutors se­cured a seven-count in­dictment in a high-pro­file credit card skimming case where the defen­dants were accused of opening the pan­els of gas pumps and installing skim­ming devices that captured customer data from the magnetic strips of their credit and debit cards. The accused then allegedly used the cardholder data to acquire money from several financial institutions in Hawaii.”
  • “Florida detectives in Hillsborough County confiscated four skimmers from Tampa-area RaceTrac convenience stores, calling skimming at the pump “the crime of the future.”
  •  “A 7-Eleven clerk in Martinez, California, discovered a skimming de­vice inside one of his store’s pumps and notified police. Police arrested two men, who were also responsible for at least 400 identity thefts in 20 Bay Area cities, all originating at convenience stores.”   –  Chris Blasinsky, NACS Magazine, October 2011
  • “When a skimmer is installed, it captures an average of 30-100 cards per day.” – “Skimming and Payments Security”, NACS Online
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