Bluefin Payment Systems & Pinnacle Corporation Announce Partnership for PCI-Validated P2PE

Pinnacle clients can get the security and cost savings of PCI-validated P2PE through Pinnacle’s Palm POS™ platform, with no change to their acquiring or processing relationship with NBS

Atlanta, GA and Arlington, TX – Bluefin Payment Systems and The Pinnacle Corporation (Pinnacle), the leading supplier of technology automation solutions for retail convenience stores and fuel inventory management, today announced a partnership to provide Bluefin’s PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution through Pinnacle’s Palm POS™ platform.

Pinnacle provides leading-edge point of sale, loyalty, and both corporate and consumer facing mobile technology to the retail convenience store and fuel inventory management industries. Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to improve their store operations and extend the brand of retailers through the growing mobile landscape.

Bluefin is the leading provider of PCI-validated P2PE integrated and stand-alone solutions for point of sale, mobile, call center and kiosk/unattended environments in the education, fuel, healthcare and retail industries.  Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution secures card transactions by encrypting all data within a PCI-approved point of entry swipe or keypad device, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being available while it’s in the merchant’s system or in-transit to the processing host where it could be exposed to malware.

“There is a tremendous demand for PCI-validated P2PE solutions in the convenience store and fuel industries,” said Denise Lewis, POS and Payments Product Manager at Pinnacle. “Our clients understand the importance of encryption in securing their customer’s credit and debit card transactions. While EMV protects the card itself from duplication, it does not encrypt the data flowing from the card. Bluefin’s solution devalues card data, while possibly providing significant PCI scope reduction and cost benefits.”

Bluefin’s PCI P2PE solution is available through Pinnacles’ Palm POS touch screen point-of-sale system. Designed and developed specifically for the convenience petroleum industry, Palm POS is highly configurable and provides the flexibility to work within any infrastructure and with a variety of peripherals. Clients currently utilizing Palm POS 12.5.x can get the validated P2PE solution with no changes to their processing or transaction environment required.

“No industry is immune to data breaches, even those that you would not think of as typical retail establishments, such as fuel management,” said Greg Cornwell, SVP of Security Solutions for Bluefin. “Card data is card data to hackers and that is why technologies such as PCI-validated P2PE are very important to every industry. We applaud Pinnacle for recognizing the benefits of PCI-validated P2PE for their clients and offering our solution through their Palm POS platform.”

Benefits of a PCI-validated P2PE solution for merchants include reduced PCI compliance and scope, saving time and money on annual audits, and the assurance that the technology has been vetted and approved by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC). A white paper on the cost and scope benefits of PCI-validated P2PE is available for download on http://www.bluefin.com/.

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About Bluefin Payment Systems:
Bluefin Payment Systems is the leading provider of secure payment technology for retailers, enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses worldwide. Bluefin specializes in PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) integrated and stand-alone solutions for retail, mobile, call center and kiosk/unattended environments, and secure Ecommerce technologies including transparent redirect and tokenization. Bluefin is a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is headquartered in Atlanta, with  offices in New York, Chicago, Tulsa and Waterford, Ireland. For more information, please visit http://www.bluefin.com/.

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Danielle Duclos
Bluefin Payment Systems

About The Pinnacle Corporation:
The Pinnacle Corporation (Pinnacle) provides leading-edge point of sale, loyalty, and both corporate and consumer facing mobile technology to the rapidly evolving convenience store industries. Pinnacle delivers products that drive traffic and increase profits, while helping retailers retain consumer loyalty and enhancing labor efficiency. Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to improve their store operations and extend the brand of retailers through the ever-increasing mobile landscape.

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The Pinnacle Corporation